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Franken- Mickey Preorder ** Order to Close July 11th Due Back End of August


  • This is a PRE ORDER. This order will closes July 11th 
  • Supplier has said 6-8 weeks, i have allowed that time for the return in the listing title
  • This order will not be available to ship to you until AFTER the production time.
  • Please DO NOT combine a PRE ORDER with a in stock item, your order will NOT ship until all goods are available. 
  •  If you combine pre orders, orders WILL NOT ship until order is complete.
  • If we receive this order earlier we will ship within 24 hours of receiving.
  • Milk silk is a great fabric that does not fade or shrink, it is harder to stain milk silk than cotton.   All sizes have been listed to the best fit.  Example 3/6 Months is a best fit for 6 Month.